Poet Bruce Lack Visits WIU

LackPicOn Wednesday, September 23, veteran and poet Bruce Lack made a visit up at the Quad Cities campus of WIU to read excerpts from his new book, Service. That night he made his way down to Macomb for his Thursday reading at the Gwendolyn Brooks Multicultural Center. I was lucky enough to be invited to English Professor Barb Harroun’s house that night to have dinner with Mr. Lack alongside Professor Harroun, English Professor Jacque Wilson-Jordan, Ryan Bronaugh, Dan Holst, and Kathy Meyers. Ryan, Dan, and I were the editors for last years inaugural “Veteran’s Voices: Stories of Combat and Peace” which was the brainchild of Kathy Meyers of the Veteran’s Resource Center and Professors Harroun and Wilson-Jordan. Needless to say, the dinner was nothing short of amazing; savory meatloaf, melt in your mouth mashed potatoes, asparagus, bread, and a wide assortment of other delicious food. It was certainly a great time that was all worth while at the expense of Professor Harroun.

On Thursday at noon in the Multicultural Center, Lack read his poetry that can only be described in a way I think Mr. Keating of Dead Poets Society could appreciate: he let it drip from his tongue like honey. Along with his poetry, Lack read some of his nonfiction. One piece in particular was titled “On Sleep” in which Lack masterfully describes adjusting to sleeping back at home after being in combat. It was powerful, moving, and nothing short of inspiring.

Bruce Lack’s book Service can be bought online on Amazon or you can order a copy from New Copperfield’s up on the square in Macomb. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions and experience that looks into the world that many veterans face every single day. Even if you are not a veteran, read it, appreciate it. You will not be disappointed.