An English Major in Greek Life

Being an English major is time-consuming. Being in Greek life is also time consuming. How does it work? It actually works out pretty well. Sometimes I find myself slipping up and forgetting to do something for homework or for my sorority, but for the most part it works. And actually, they kind of compliment each other.

Being an English major forces me to be a better reader and writer. Before, I didn’t think much of it; I was just doing it because it was what I was told to do. But from time to time, I catch myself referring to my notes or my books to help me formulate writing pieces I need for my sorority. Often times I have to write e-mails to students/staff/faculty around campus, to outside organizations/businesses, and to our national headquarters. Being an English major has really helped me shape myself as a writer and understand what kind of formatting and language I need to use depending on who I’m writing to. I never thought about that kind of stuff before I was an English major, but ENG 381 has definitely taught me a few things about formatting a professional e-mail.

Not only does my major help me write, it helps me analyze documents and situations better. I’m currently taking ENG 299 with Dr. Banash and let me tell you, that man makes you learn how to analyze anything and everything possible. BUT, because of this, I’ve learned how to read deeper into e-mails, letters, comments, conversations, and basically anything else. Since I’ve been able to read into things on a deeper level, I feel it’s really helped me grow as a leader. I can understand in a different way and try to tend to people’s needs and wants because I actually know what they want. It’s pretty darn cool.

Now for the hard part, balancing the time between the two. As most people know, English majors are almost always buried in books and papers- it’s time-consuming! But we signed on knowing it would be. Being in Greek life is the same way, there’s mandatory events nearly every weekend, events for other sororities and fraternities on campus, trying to do community service, and also trying to have a social life with your sisters. It’s hard balancing both, and at first I was drowning a little bit. But the great part is, my sisters always look out for each other, we always try to make sure we’re all doing our homework and studying. But over the year of being an English major in Greek life, I’ve learned how to manage my time efficiently. Getting good grades and being in Greek life is definitely manageable; I have a high GPA and I hold an executive board position for my sorority.

At the end of the day, I love writing and I love my sorority. I would do anything to make both of them work together. I’m just really happy I was able to do it early on!