English Major Profile: Rachel Troyer (B.A. 2017)

Rachal Troyer, an English major and film minor, says that she “discovered a welcoming place at Western and within the English department. It was a place where I could share my love of literature and films.”

M&L: Why did you choose to major in English at Western?

I picked Western because my grandfather lived within Macomb and used to work at Western. I wanted to have family close by to help with the homesickness. It ended up working out because I discovered Western’s great English program and Film minor.

M&L: What is your current job, and how did your study of English help you to succeed in your career?

I’m currently working in retail to save up funds and wait out the pandemic before I go on to get my Masters in Library Science or Journalism. However, last year I worked for eight months at a nonprofit, Aurora Downtown, where I used my skills from my English major/Film minor to compose press releases and write up interviews with local business owners. I was able to create short articles pretty quickly after my years of writing papers in both English and Film. 

M&L: What were some of your best experiences as a student in English at Western?

I was shy and did not do much outside of academic work in high school. However, when I went to Western, I was able to branch out and experience various clubs. I was the president of the Film Club, a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and other clubs that kept me connected with my fellow students. I also worked in the English department, where I helped promote the Film minor/Film Club. It taught me various skills I use in my current job.