English Major Profile: Juliana Goodman (B. A. 2014)

Juliana Goodman majored in English and minored in Creative Writing. She went on to earn her MFA in Creative Writing from Purdue. Her first novel will be published in the spring of 2022.

M&L: Why did you choose to major in English at Western? 

I always loved reading and writing and it was the one subject I knew I could be good at.

M&L: What is your current job?

I’m currently the Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the University of Tulsa where I teach creative writing as a 2020 Tulsa Artist Fellow in Literary Arts. I’m also a Young Adult fiction author with my debut novel scheduled to be released in Spring 2022.

 M&L: How did your study of English help you to succeed in your career?

By becoming a stronger writer, creatively and academically, and with the support of the English faculty, I was more than prepared for graduate school. Being taught and nurtured by the dedicated professors at WIU helped me to become the professor and writer I am today. Having a strong group of people behind me who supported my dreams gave me the confidence I needed to reach my career goals. 

M&L: What were some of your best experiences as a student in English at Western? 

I really enjoyed working as a co-editor on Elements Literary Magazine and the creative writing workshops I took with Dr. Erika Wurth and Professor Barbara Lawhorn. For the first time, I felt nurtured as a writer, student and an individual. 

M&L: What advice would you give to students considering studying English here at Western?

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. And get to know your professors, they love seeing their students do well and building good relationships with them can really change your life. It changed mine and I can 100% say that there’s nothing I would change about the amazing years I spent as an English major at Western Illinois University.