Sigma Tau Delta Virtual Trivia Night

Every semester, English faculty and Sigma Tau Delta students gather together discuss and celebrate all things English. While a normal semester would see us breaking bread and reading aloud at Dinners and Conversations, the pandemic drove us online this year for a Virtual Trivia event.

On Saturday, October 24, the WIU English Department’s Phi Delta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta hosted a virtual trivia night with questions written by English faculty.

Students worked in teams of two and three to answer trivia questions in eight different categories: Film (Dr. Roberta Di Carmine), Young Adult Literature (Dr. Alisha White), Harry Potter (Dr. Rebekah Buchanan), Book or Film First? (Professor Barbara Lawhorn), Edgar Allan Poe (Dr. Timothy Helwig), African American and Latinx Literature (Dr. Jose Fernandez), Poetry (Dr. Magdelyn Helwig), and Theory (Dr. David Banash).

The following teams participated:

Barred Owl Appreciation Society (English graduate students Katya Kozhukhova and A. J. Rocca),

Literary Cannonballs (English Education majors Alli Barr and Connor Sullivan),

Mantis Shrimp (English graduate students Kendrick Keller and Maureen Sullivan),

The Rat Pack (English graduate student Kaylee Gundling and English major Emma Dayhoff),

Talk Poe To Me (English major Abigail Gindlesberger and English Education majors Hannah Edwards and Mackenzie Ricco),

The Three Musketeers (English minor Jessica Schaumberg and English Education majors Darrin Ross and Ashunti Westbrook)

Vampyre Boo-levard (English graduate students Amanda Carman and Anthony Vaughn).

Our play with trivia led us into side conversations about the films of Francis Ford Copolla, the novels of S. E. Hinton, updates on job offers and internships, debates about the greatest Poe story, and much more.

The end of the evening found Literary Cannonballs taking first place with Vampyre Boo-levard coming in second and The Rat Pack coming in third. All members of the winning teams received Amazon gift cards ($20 each for first, $15 each for second, and $10 each for third) so they can buy more books!