Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Our Favorite Books From Our Childhood


I have recently been reminiscing about the amazing books that my parents spent countless hours reading to me throughout my childhood. I have fond memories of my father making silly, monster voices while… Continue reading

Ivory Towers and Grain Silos: EGO Conference 2014


Written by: Abigail Tichler & Chelsea Brotherton On October, 24th, 2014, students and scholars from across the nation gathered in Simpkins Hall less than an hour after the sun rose. These academics were… Continue reading

Screening “Inside Buffalo”: A Commentary on the Ironic and Contradictory


There were about 50 other people sitting in the red chairs of the theater. The majority were spaced out, with only a few clumps of whispering students, heads bowed before cell phones; the… Continue reading