Monthly Archive: October, 2017

Bookish Travelling: Twice Lost


I’m sitting in a cafe in Wisconsin munching on an apple cider donut. It’s raining outside, and in my lap sits a pile of new and old books wrapped in crinkly paper. Across… Continue reading

The Best Places to Sleep in Simpkins (Meet the Editors Part 1)


English majors and minors alike both know that Simpkins is not just a building, it’s a home. Oftentimes that home is freezing cold or rumored to be haunted, but it is also a… Continue reading

The Book That Changed My Life: Featuring Aubrey Foust


English majors share a lot of common interests; one of these interests, naturally, is books. Yes, it is true– English majors live and breathe literature, and it is rare to find an English… Continue reading