The Book That Changed My Life


Klaira Strickland is a first year graduate student in the English department. Klaira was nominated by Max Keil to be featured in this reoccurring article. Let’s dive into “The Book That Changed My Life.”

What is the book that changed your life?

The Marble Cake Cat is the book that has changed my life for the better.

How would you describe the book to someone who hasn’t read it?

It is a children’s chapter book about a marble colored cat that no one wants to adopt because he has such strange patterns on his fur. He goes through many owners, each having a one problem or another such as a big dog, other cats, and general abandonment. Eventually he runs away and wanders in the woods until he comes upon a lonely cabin. He encounters a sick boy and finally finds peace, acceptance, and a loving home.

Where/How did you first encounter this book?

I first encountered this book when I was a small child and my mother would read it to me. I liked it so much that it became my favorite book and I wanted to hear or read the story every night. I still own the original book that is yellowing and curling with age. It even has four-year-old scribbles of my name in it.

How did the book change you?

The Marble Cake Cat changed my life because I have always felt different for various reasons being double-jointed, the child whose parents are divorced, or the tattooed creative writing girl so I identified with the Marble Cake Cat and his journey to find acceptance and the place he really belongs. Everyone I have mentioned the book to has never heard of it so I continue to spread the word about this little book so that others can learn about the marble cake cat and what it means to be accepted.