This Is Why I Write

This is why I write.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I have enjoyed writing since I was about eight years old.  To be honest, I am not any good at sports, math, or even drawing, but I have always been very curious about the world, people, culture, etc… The world has so much going on, just like I do in my mind. There’s never a dull moment! When I think about the world and the people that roam this planet, I want to see and experience all that I can. From what I have experienced, I believe it has allowed and taught me to be more open, understanding, and accepting as a person, just as writing has taught me. I think that is part of the reason why I love to write.

I love to write because I can write freely, or I can write structurally.  Writing has always been my escape, my voice, and the core to my very being. I grew up in an environment where I learned quickly to keep my thoughts to myself. My thoughts were better left silenced to avoid the verbal whip lashing from a viscous maternal tongue, so I wrote. I wrote whatever I was feeling. I wrote anything that I could release with imagination and creativity. My culture went into my writing.

I first began to journal and that allowed me to express myself without reprimand.  I felt as if no one heard me when I did use my voice. I felt as if no one understood me and no one asked to understand me. In those journals, I could speak my mind. It was my voice. I was listening to my voice. Aside from the journal writing, I mostly enjoy writing poetically. Poetry is fun, exciting, and can be as unique as you make it. Poetry can also be very challenging, and I love that about it.

I learned quickly that the more that I wrote, the pencil or the keyboard were not going to judge or degrade me. Teachers and other readers might, but not the pieces physically themselves. I created a place of safety. A place even safe enough to completely release myself.  I know that writing is the best way I can express myself.  Writing, to me, is beautiful. It is a form of art and a form of Identity.

It is a part of who I am: a writer, an English Literature major. Even though I still have ways to go with progression and advancing my writing, I believe that even at my stage now, I am talented. I have a talent and that talent allows me to use my voice and be myself. I am blessed to have friends that enjoy reading the pieces I write and encourage me to continue. I have often felt alone in this world for various reasons, but writing has always been there for me. When I write, everything is so clear to me. This is why I write.