Introducing the Writers: Peter Hostert

Hello! I believe a self introduction is in order! I am Peter Hostert, editor and writer for the Mirror and the Lamp. In the Introducing the Writers series each contributing writer will write a brief introduction on themselves. In this introduction I will talk a little about myself as well as my interest in working on the Mirror and the Lamp. I enjoy being outside almost as much as my dog Ember. We go on lots of hikes and swim in as many lakes as we can. She chases squirrels with almost as much enthusiasm as I have for reading and writing.

I started attending Western Illinois University at the start of the 2022 Spring semester when I transferred from Southern Illinois University. Several semesters later and it is amazing seeing how my skills in writing have grown and flourished! The most improvement I have noticed in myself is my technical and academic writing, which is exciting.

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed writing. I started doing it immediately after I could read, way back in the year 2006. But for a long time it was just silly little stories scribbled in various different journals or scraps of paper held together by yarn or staples. I think it is very important to have the ability to express yourself in words. That’s why I was intrigued with Mirror and the Lamp because it focuses on everything English and is run and managed by students studying English. I can’t wait to contribute to this student publication for the remainder of my time here at Western Illinois University.