The Best Places to Sleep in Simpkins (Meet the Editors Part 1)

English majors and minors alike both know that Simpkins is not just a building, it’s a home. Oftentimes that home is freezing cold or rumored to be haunted, but it is also a place where memories are made, books are analyzed, and naps are taken. Having spent the past four years eating, sleeping, and living Simpkins hall, I consider myself basically an expert on the best places to cozy up for an in-between class nap. This is college– we are all tired– so the other editors from M&L decided to join me in selecting the best places to sleep in Simpkins!

  1. Tess Tyler, editor and contributor, is known for her strong opinions on The Catcher and the Rye, her love of YA fiction, and being a social butterfly. For this reason, Tess’s favorite place to curl up for a nap is the lounge, because her friends and colleagues are always coming in and out to work on homework or check out the book swap in the corner. Unfortunately for Tess,  her naps never seem to last too long– there is always someone to talk to! Tess sleeping
  2. Aubrey Foust is a new editor and contributor to The Mirror and the Lamp, but long time napper at Simpkins Hall. Her areas of interest include Alice in Wonderland, wearing pastels, and integrating art with her English Education projects. Aubrey’s favorite place to get her snooze on is underneath the “Women’s Studies” sign near the offices because she likes to dream of smashing the Patriarchy.Aubrey women's studies
  3. Matt Thrush takes interest in Game Studies and H.P. Lovecraft. As an English Education major, Matthew can be found writing lesson plans or analyzing the deeper meaning of graphic novels with his friends. When he’s not dreaming about the rise of Cthulu, Matt is slumped against the wall on the ground floor waiting for classes to start.Matt Reading
  4. Head editor Bryce Swain (that’s me!) loves to eat Starbucks cake pops, write about Christian lit for conferences, and wear vintage dresses to occasions that do not call for vintage dresses. I am an English education major and former Theatre major, so I have been snoozing my breaks away in Simpkins since 2014. My favorite place to chill with my Starbucks tall-skinny-almond milk-decaf- caramel-macchiato and read my way through the literary canon, a slew of Hamilton fanfiction, or scholarly articles is the hidden corner behind the stairs.Bryce Reading

The editors for M&L and I look forward to writing more about our favorite parts of Simpkins– from hauntings to pesky birds. Still, we cannot agree– which spot is the best for napping?